About Us

Tara Turner

Hello, my name is Tara Turner (nee Jones); my husband and I recently got married in his hometown of Rye, England (at which I took it upon myself to bake and decorate my own wedding cake in just three days with borrowed equipment and an untested oven!).

Together we currently live in Moggill, Brisbane where I grew up and now operate a small home baking business.  

Some of my earliest memories stem from being dotted on by all of my wonderful grandparents as a child. Without fail, something sweet and delicious was waiting for us on every visit, with their houses always surrounding me with the delicate smells that I still associate with those fond memories to this day. 

My passion for creating sweet treats for my friends and family was stirred five years ago while I was living in London and I discovered my future husband had an insatiable appetite for some Nutella and peanut butter cookies I had baked him for his birthday. From then onwards, a week didn’t go by without me having to bake some sort of delicious snack to pacify his sweet tooth. After moving back to Australia at the end of the year, I continued this new hobby I found myself enjoying more and more by bombarding my close family members with an array of cupcakes, muffins, pies, tarts and delectable cakes every time I came across a recipe I wanted to try or, an idea popped into my mind at 3am when I really should have been sleeping. 

As time went by, and I had the fine art of perfecting the recipes for a plethora of different varieties of cakes well and truly down, another door was opened to me to a whole other creative world than just baking delicious sweet treats – cake decorating! Being able to dream up all sorts of different designs and fashioning various creations around a whole multitude of motifs has allowed me to open up and explore my artistic side more than I ever have before. And if the end result is there always being plenty of cakes lying around, then I’m sure it’s a win-win for everyone!  

Glenda Jones

Hi my name is Glenda Jones and I live in Brisbane’s western suburbs close to the beautiful Brisbane River. 

Thanks to my Mum I was encouraged as a child to create things, first through knitting at the age of five and then moving onto art pieces, sewing, embroidery and smocking. I come from a long line of wonderful women who passed down their craft knowledge and skills. I love finding out how to make something new and am always looking for new and interesting activities to learn and start making. 

I started scrapbooking over 10 years ago first through putting together my three children’s books of their life and then moving on to making cards for all occasions. 

I have now expanded into off-the page items using different mediums from painting, hand embroidery, sewing, beading and love to create fun projects out of paper each and every day.

I am passionate about the work that I do and have been known to often be up in the early hours of the morning just to get something right or  complete a piece that I am working on.